Victoria's Secret Sport: The Humm

(Heart-rate monitor compatible sports bra)


It is not always easy to know when you are working hard enough to make a difference for your body. There are technologies out there to help with this but most provide several different data points making it that is difficult to know what is important.

The only thing that you need to know to prove to yourself that you are making a difference, is your heartbeat.


Print and Digital Catalog

In Store

We want to give customers the chance to see The Humm in action. Select employees will wear the sports bra throughout the day with their heartbeats displayed live on screens in store.

Specialized Tag

Every Humm purchased will come with a card that will help women understand their heart rate and what their goal BPM should be.

Concept and execution by Danielle Gosda and Mikayla Madigan​ | 845.741.5993

© 2019 by Danielle Gosda